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At Storytime Phoenix we nurture children's natural tendencies to connect with all aspects of life and encourage them to embrace a multi-ethnic worldview.




We hold fast to the truth that diversity exists within every species on the planet, birds, trees, flowers; etc and humans are no different. We believe that children posses this understanding innately and are beautiful reminders that "differences" strengthen our commonalities. It's our hope that by reinforcing this great truth during their early stages of development,  as children are becoming the leaders of tomorrow, they will have a personal stake in preserving and protecting the common threads of humanity that unite us all.


We are delighted at the opportunity to serve. See you soon!!! – Phoenix Hawkins


Meet founder Phoenix K. Brown


Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader (Kenia Brown), Phoenix K. Brown, is a writer/entertainer from Jacksonville, Arkansas. She received her B.A. in Media Communications with an emphasis in Editing and Publishing from Henderson State University. While attending Henderson, she served as a feature columnist for The Oracle and as a disc jockey on The Pulse (KSWH 99.9FM). Phoenix has traveled the world on USO tours to places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan and Korea. She's danced for entertainers such as Beyonce, Nelly, Tamia and is a former member of The Movement of Agape.

Phoenix is also a former preschool teacher and a member of SCBWI and SAG-AFTRA, a CBS Diversity Showcase Alumi and has written in various publications such as the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Weekly, Kite Tales Newsletter, and created Education Guides for the Pasadena Playhouse. As a member of the Screen Actors Guild, she's a former volunteer for BOOKPALS and PENCILPALS. She holds an M.F.A in Creative Writing and is a recipient of the Nikki Grimes Merit Award


Phoenix is a wife and stepmother to two sons, and has ten nieces and nephews. She currently works as a Script Analyst for production companies throughout the entertainment industry. 








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